Web Site Design / Web Site Development - When it comes time to launch a new site on the web, Diamond Creative provides clients with a turn-key experience by specializing in both website design and website development. Meaning, from concept to launch, clients can rely on Diamond Creative's ability to deliver a visually captivating site built with the latest programming languages and practices. Our digital designers treat every project as an opportunity to showcase their artistic talent, continually pushing our clients' brands to the next level. Similarly, our technology team strategies with our clients to align the right technology for the end-goal, crafting engaging Web 2.0 experiences using enterprise level development (HTML, CSS, Flash, Flex, Java, .NET, and PHP).
Wireframes and Information Architecture - Diamond Creative skilled team is here to work with you to develop your website or web application's wireframes. Wireframes are a basic visual guide used in interface design to suggest the structure and information architecture of a website and relationships between its pages.
Web Site Copy Writing & Search Engine Optimization - Writing for the web is a unique skill, especially considering the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In certain instances, it's beneficial to provide users with pages of copy and content about a product or service, but most of the time it's best to cut to the core message. Diamond Creative's helps our clients generate content from scratch or edit existing content that will maximize user experience by identifying the key words and phrases associated with your market. In addition, Diamond Creative applies SEO best practices to its programming process.
Custom Web Applications and Web Products - Diamond Creative is uniquely suited to help early stage companies move forward immediately on the web. By leveraging Diamond Creative's infrastructure of award-winning design, development, project management, and process to achieve key milestones, our clients can be freed up to focus on fundraising and/or assembling their own team. Engagements range from architecting Product Requirements Documents to full web-application build outs - concept to launch.
Ecommerce / Online credit card and payment processing - Diamond Creative can build a custom electronic commerce (e-commerce) for an enterprise level application or recommend an existing shopping cart solution for site integration. We help clients configure cost-effective, scalable solutions with a focus on Customer Experience Optimization.
Flash Website Design - Diamond Creative has designed and built highly successful Flash based websites for corporations seeking to bring their products and services to life on the web. For example, a recent client reported 250% increase in sales on products after launching Flash animated microsites.
Content Management System (CMS) - Diamond Creative can put clients in total control of their websites with one of our custom Content Management System (CMS) systems. Come talk to us and learn about the wide array of Content Management Systems we've designed.
Blogs - Got something to say? Looking to develop an online PR strategy? Blogs are a great way to make your expertise known, contribute to your industry, and increase your web traffic. Come explore the options of setting up your own blog designed to match your company brand. Check out the Diamond Creative blog for an example of how to have fun with a blog.
Branding and Logos - Branding is an integral part of what we do. It is one of of the most rewarding aspects of our business because we have the pleasure of interpreting a client's ideas and vision for their company into a visual format. Diamond Creative can even walk clients through multiple brand exercises to help better define a winning strategy. Most of the work in our portfolio also represents the new logos and identities we've created for our clients.
On-Demand Online Video - Diamond Creative is a Brightcove Solution Partner. Brightcove is an on-demand online video platform. Designed for use with professional websites, Brightcove provides everything you need to publish and distribute online video. Working with professional video has never been easier. Brightcove will help you: Manage Your Media Library - Upload your media library for easy management and programming in the Brightcove Studio. Make Money with Video Advertising - Connect to ad servers and networks to monetize your content with flexible advertising options. Create and Publish Video Players - Create video players that match your design and branding needs and embed them on your website. Analyze Video Performance - Monitor standard reports and integrate with best-in-class Web and online video analytics providers. Deliver High-Quality Video Streams - Deliver video streams that adapt to your viewer's Internet connection speed and serve the highest-quality stream possible. Develop Custom Video Applications - Leverage our APIs to build custom user experiences.